Zock, Michael ``Sorry, but what was your name again, or, how to overcome the tip of the tongue problem with the help of a computer?'' In: Proceedings of the Coling 2002 Workshop ''SemaNet'02: Building and Using Semantic Networks'', Taipei, August 2002.

Zotos, Nikos, Paraskevi Tzekou, George Tsatsaronis, Lefteris Kozanidis, Sofia Stamou, Iraklis Varlamis ``To Click or not to Click? The Role of Contextualized and User-Centric Web Snippets" In: SIGIR 2007 Workshop on Focused Retrieval, Amsterdam , pp. 57-64, SIGIR 2007 Workshop on Focused Retrieval, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. http://www.cs.otago.ac.nz/sigirfocus/paper_8.pdf
Keywords: Web Passage Retrieval, Semantic Similarity, Coherence, WordNet

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