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    Visuwords - The Visual Dictionary!

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  • Words R Us for Language Learning

    Words R Us for Language learning!

  • Explore the Possibilities

    Words R Us for Language learning!

  • Words R Us connects Words in concepts and ideas, the way we think and work.

    Words R Us for Language learning!

  • Explore the Possibilities

    Words R Us for Language learning!

What is Words R Us

Words R Us is the result of many years of research and development by Universities around the world. In 1985 a group of psychologists and linguists began to develop a "lexical database." which became known as "Wordnet" - the basis of machine translation systems.

Since its inception many papers and academic implementations of Wordnet have been published and a few commercial sites have been implemented, but Words R Us is unique in its simplicity, its portability, and the inclusion of many terms and concepts not found in earlier systems.
More about Words R Us

How Words R Us Supercedes Wordnet

More Words - We've added pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, acronyms, abbreviations and cognates between languages.

Easy to Use - You can easily add your own terms, relationships, sample phrases and sentences. No knowledge of progamming is required.

Multi-Lingual - We support over 120 languages with the functionality to add many more as new Wordnets are developed for other languages.

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The Languages of Words R Us

Multi-lingual - In addition to the English Words R Us system, you can choose from dozens of language packs and specialty glossaries so Words R Us will work the way you like.

System Independent - Words R Us was designed from the ground up to be system and platform independent.You can use it on your desktop or laptop computer, but it's also at home on your tablet and mobile phone.

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