• Words R Us is the result of many years of research and development by Universities around the world. In 1985 a group of psychologists and linguists began to develop a "lexical database." which became known as "Wordnet" - the basis of machine translation systems.

    Since its inception many papers and academic implementations of Wordnet have been published and a few commercial sites have been implemented, but Words R Us is unique in its simplicity, its portability, and the inclusion of many terms and concepts not found in earlier systems.
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  • Article in Parrot Time Magazine introducing Words R Us
  • How Words R Us Supercedes Wordnet

    More Words - We've added pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, acronyms, abbreviations and cognates between languages.

    Easy to Use - You can easily add your own terms, relationships, sample phrases and sentences. No knowledge of progamming is required.

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  • How Words R Us Supercedes Wordnet

    Multi-lingual - In addition to the English Words R Us system, you can choose from dozens of language packs and specialty glossaries so Words R Us will work the way you like.

    System Independent - Words R Us was designed from the ground up to be system and platform independent.

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