Words R Us for Missions

We developled Words R Us with the primary objective of being able to use the system in situations where internet access is limited or not available.

This allows you to install and use the system in a local network for a school or classroom or even a single computer or tablet without all the overhead and expense associated with internet access in developing countries.

The complete Words R Us system comes to you on a USB thumb drive (memory stick) or you can choose a micro-chip for use in a tablet or smart phone device. The price for developing countries is $200 and the system may be used for a school site network with no per-student licensing. The price includes shipping via International Priority Mail or you may choose to download the complete system from our servers. (approx. 3 gigabytes)

Five language packs of your choice are included with this system. Additional language packs are also available for a discount.

The Words R Us system works on a local network, either Windows of Unix based with the student access being any computer, tablet, or smart phone with a browser.

The optional Words R Us editor allows you to edit the database using a WIKI style interface to create vocabulary lists and add your own sample sentences and lesson plans.