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Algerian Arabic (Dziria / دزيرية) is natively known as Dziria, Darja or Derja. It is mostly intelligible with the Tunisian and Moroccan dialects. Algerian Arabic is the native dialect of 75%- 80% of Algerians. There are approximately 31 million speakers of Algerian Arabic in Algeria, 27 million who speak it as their first language. It is also spoken by millions of people in Egypt, France, Tunisia, Netherlands, Spain, Sudan, Belgium, and Germany.

Algerian Arabic is rarely written, it is used mainly as a spoken language in homes and between friends and family. It contains words borrowed from Berber, Latin, French, Andalusian Arabic, Ottoman Turkish and Spanish. It is partially mutually intelligible with Tunisian and Moroccan Arabic.

The Algerian people are almost entirely Islamic with less than a thousand known Christians. Of the 39 people groups, almost all are classified as "frontier" with no knowledge of the claims of Christianity.

Sources: The Joshua Project

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Comparison of Arabic Dialects

[MSA] تعالت أصوات الناس بالبكاء، بدأت أتحدث بانفعال و كأنني أهدي في الناس[/MSA]

[ALG] عادو الناس يتباكاو بديت نهدر من قلبي تقول نهدي فالناس[/ALG]

[ANB] عادوا الناس يتباكاو بديت نهدر بغش و ڨول عليا نهدي في الناس[/ANB]

[TUN] البكاء و الحس كثر وليت نحكي بإنفعال كيني نهدي في الناس[/TUN]

[PAL] صاروا الناس يصيحوا بصوت عالي وبديت احكي وانا منفعل وكأني بهدي في الناس[/PAL]

[SYR] علي صوت الناس بالبكي و بلّشت أحكي بعصبية و كأني عم اهدي بالناس[/SYR]

[MAR]ناس بداو تيتباكاو وبديت تنهدر ب نفعل بحال إلى تنهدي الناس[/MAR]

English translation

[MSA] People began to cry, I began to speak emotionally, as if I were calm in people[/MSA]

[ALG] People began to weep again. I began to cry from my heart saying, "Let the people calm down."[/ALG]

[ANB] People began to cry again, I began to be rude and deceived, and they told me to yell at people[/ANB]

[TUN] Weeping and feeling too much, and I wish we could talk with emotion, like we calm down in people[/TUN]

[PAL] People started shouting loudly, and I started talking while I was excited, as if I was calming down with people[/PAL]

[SYR] At the sound of people crying, I began to talk nervously, as if I was guiding people[/SYR]

[MAR]People began to sigh, and they began to sigh, but we will do it anyway, until people sigh[/MAR]